Comic Relief Fund: Being at home with your children at this time may change your family dynamic. Join our zoom workshops with Family Therapist Rudi Dallos to help think about how to manage this.

Also see our on line training materials with some of our parents and Professor Rudi Dallos (below) 'Happy Families' to think about developmental stages and boundary setting with your children whilst they are home with you in this period.

Lottery Loneliness Fund: Please join our weekly 'drop in' support session with Family Therapist Rudi Dallos. Even if you don't have an issue please do consider joining to share your ideas with other families who may be struggling so people feel more 'connected' at this time. You may be able to share a specific skill that you have, eg. a great idea for story telling, games, playing etc. that you could share with others.

Also our resident Family Therapist Rudi Dallos is offering 'Crisis Consultations' to those families who are really struggling at home at this time. This will be an hour on zoom with Rudi and another parent/professional.

We are also able to offer more of our Peer Support services at this time, both outside at this time and also via Zoom/Telephone.

Local Giving: Professor Rudi Dallos is offering Family Therapy to those who are struggling with their family dynamic at the moment. All family members welcome!