Our mission is to improve the well being of those who care for a child for the majority of the time (who are adversely affected by the role) in the South West of England. We do this by creating a network of carers, partner agencies (mainly health, social care, education and community) and benefactors. The network will respond to both individual and group need to improve well being.


We will use this network to both broker activities/services or create ones in order to improve both carer and family well being.


We welcome majority carers and their supporters from all different backgrounds

We seek to illicit people's strengths/skills and find a way to bring them to the fore

We encourage carers to train to become skilled in peer support interventions

We promote the use of evidence-based interventions in our educational and therapeutic approaches

All our projects are co-created with carers

We encourage the network to spend time getting to know people and the friends/family connected to them

We support people to find out about resources which can help to improve your well being

We ask people to reach out to other carers, sometimes people need that hand extended out to them. We really are better connected

We are committed to safeguarding and to ensuring children have good outcomes whilst they are growing up

ONE BIG HAPPY CHARITY  (Charity No. 1186722)