Caring for a child/ren for the majority of the time can be a rewarding experience. However, at different times those in the caring role can feel it's all too much. This could be to do with the transition into the role, eg. no longer working, feeling a lack of purpose, needing more support but no family nearby, partner working/away, etc. The situation may also be difficult because there isn't so much money coming in, you may be doing the role on your own without a partner, your health may be affected and you may feel unable to cope with the competing demands of family life/work/household and other responsibilities. Sometimes there are other issues such as a someone in the family having an illness or diagnosis or a learning need or perhaps there are issues with family dynamics, dealing with children's behaviour, relationship strains, etc.

EVERY FAMILY faces difficulties. In 2017 Dartington Social Research Unit undertook a comprehensive analysis of the provision for Emotional and Mental Health in the local area. Primary Care physicians and Childrens and Adults Mental Health practitioners found a high number of cases of families having issues associated with family life and there was frustration in not being able to offer the things that really make a difference to families.

"Sometimes I know what the person needs is not medication or a referral but just some more support: meeting people, finding out about the resources out there, help with parenting, finding different work around family life, etc. sadly there just aren't the services out there to meet the need" 
General Practitioner, Torbay.

In 2019 the ONE BIG HAPPY pilot project was formed by a group of majority care parents and volunteers in response to this need. We had a fantastic learning experience and were grateful for the overwhelming support received in this early phase from carers, volunteers partner organisations and benefactors. In 2020 we became a members charity. Our aim is to recruit majority carers/parents to a network of others in this role and provide the support that's really needed to complement primary care provision.

Are you caring for a child/ren for the majority of the time and feeling: your expectations of being a parent are not what you thought, you are unsure of how to get purpose and meaning in your days, you are missing work, feeling isolated and without family support nearby, or you are doing it on your own, struggling to manage family life, children's behaviour, relationship issues, etc.?

Would you like help to?
  • Connect with other people
  • Learn parenting skills/become a Parent Skills leader
  • Design projects with others that make a difference to well being
  • Get some time off, feel pampered, improve your health
  • Talk to people who really understand how to make change in your family
  • Take back some control of your life and set goals for change this year
  • Feel more supported, help share the load of managing family responsibilities
  • Discover new ways of connecting with and building better relationships with your children
  • Benefit from access to zero/low cost activities that promote individual and family well being
  • Find out more about the resources we have in the community

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